Bullard Highs Heating Problems

Fresno, CA, USA At this point eight classrooms at Bullard High are still without heat. As far as the students are concerned ... that's eight classes too many.

Bullard High students knew they had to dress warmly and not just because it was cold Monday morning. Fresno Unified Maintenance Workers are making progress on upgrading the school's heating and cooling system, but the project still isn't done, students have no choice but to bundle up.

"We have to wear these huge jackets which is really uncomfortable in class."

Students say it's difficult to get their work done in some classes.

Bullard High Senior Lisa Nishioka said, "It's just cold. In our photography class our chemicals got frozen so we can't develop our pictures or film."

The school notified parents on Sunday about the delay in the heating project.

Susan Bedi said, "It is almost complete but we do have remaining 8 classrooms that do not have heat so we continue to have space heaters 24 hours a day so that the temperature would be between 68-70 degrees."

Space heaters can be effective depending on where you sit.

Bullard High Senior Neilani Wheeler said, "It's pretty cold. I sit next to one of the portable heaters so it's all good but my teacher actually had to bring blankets to class so the kids didn't freeze."

The district is asking students and teachers to be patient.

"We're expecting two to three more weeks. There was a delay."

Some students figured they'd be stuck with the temporary solution.

Bullard High Senior Alicia Xiong said, "Did you expect to have the heaters back on when you came back? Honestly no. I didn't really expect anything because the guys told us that it was going to be warm but it was never fixed so it's kind of like why should I expect anything when I know it's not going to be done."

At this point the kids we spoke to just want the heating and cooling system done by spring. They're already worried they'll have to do without air conditioning when it begins to warm up.


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