Fresno PD Arrests Sex Offender Posing as a Security Officer

Fresno, CA, USA Police arrested the suspect and another man last night after someone saw them cruising around a northeast Fresno neighborhood.

When police questioned 40-year old Richard Lozano and 38-year old Robert Johnson, they claimed to be security guards wearing clothing with gold badges. Lazono also wore a CSI hat.

Jeff Cardinale with Fresno Police Department said Lozano's story changed several times. "At first he said he was with a security company that he had friends with a security company then he says he was a Fresno Bee employee and that as a service he was checking their homes," said Cardinale.

Cardinale said neither story checked out, and officers knew something wasn't right.

"Immediately we noticed both the driver and the passenger were under the influence of a controlled substance," said Cardinale.

Inside of this gold jeep police found half empty bottles of Hydrocodone also known as Vicodin. What's even more bizarre, Cardinale said items like a princess tiara, candy and pornography were found inside the suspect's car.

"About 15 to 20 children's toys like you would commonly find at McDonalds and happy meals along with a pair of women's underwear and a condom," said Cardinale.

Those like Jessica De La Cruz who live in the area are outraged. "It sound like they were trying to pick up some kids and that's really scary you know I am really protective of my daughter," said De La Cruz.

Neighbor Christopher Tanner said, "Everybody I conversate with, we all got kids. I'm glad they caught him, because if I had caught him it would have been a whole other story."

We tried to speak with Lozano but did not get an answer. Cardinale says in 2001 Lozano was convicted for having sex with a minor.

"His story has changed a couple of times so the motive is unclear, being that he is a registered sex offender and was in violation with the light bar we'll have another interview with him," said Cardinale.

Lozano has been charged with driving under the influence. Both men were charged with possessing a controlled substance.


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