Dave Hawk Back in Court for Hearing

Hanford, CA, USA Dave Hawk's attorneys launched a number of attacks against the Kings County District Attorney's office on Friday. They are trying to get the case thrown out and the D.A.'s office removed from the case.

Hawk's attorneys want the state attorney general's office to take over for the D.A. They say prosecutors knowingly took private letters between Dave Hawk and his attorney which violates Hawk's attorney-client privilege.

Dave Hawk's attorney Mark Coleman said, "They took them, they read them, they authored a memo about them."

Prosecutors claim Dave Hawk stole more than $300,000 from his children's trust funds and murdered his ex-wife, Debbie, when she tried to take him to court on the issue. Prosecutors admit they have no physical evidence to link Hawk to Debbie's murder.

Prosecutor Larry Crouch said, "We believe the circumstantial evidence points conclusively towards guilt. It's that basic."

Debbie Hawk went missing in June 2006. Her body has never been found. Two of the couple's three children were in court on Friday in support of their father. Hawk's attorneys want Hanford Police reports on crimes committed around the time Debbie disappeared to help them prove their client's innocence.

Coleman said, "Burglaries, home invasions, violent crimes, sexual assaults - to determine whether or not someone else might have committed a crime similar to this."

Prosecutors say those crime records don't have anything to do with this case. Hawk's attorneys are also trying to get the case dismissed after they say the D.A. implicated Hawk in the 2005 shooting of Debbie Hawk's attorney, Kim Aguirre, while the two were in a heated custody battle.

Dave Hawk's second attorney, Dennis Peterson said, "Someone else was named as a suspect and there's physical evidence that actual links him to the shooting of Kim Aguirre's office."

Crouch said, "We of course did not at the preliminary hearing ever allege that David Hawk shot Kim Aguirre."

Dave Hawk will be back in court on March 27th where a judge will hear all of the motions the defense has filed.


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