Kings County Man Accused of Killing His Father Appeared in Court

Kings County, Calif. For the third straight day, Kings County investigators sifted through charred evidence and human remains behind a house near Riverdale.

On Wednesday, as firefighters were putting out a fire in a back shed of the house, they saw Nathaniel Caetano removing a small marijuana grow from the shed. Later, investigators also discovered burnt human remains inside the shed.

The Kings County District Attorney's Office has charged 28-year old Nathaniel Caetano with the murder of his father, Leonard Caetano, arson and cultivating marijuana for sale.

At his scheduled arraignment Friday afternoon, Nathaniel Caetano-- who is in custody-- was brought into court being held by two sheriff's deputies. He was wearing a padded hospital gown, a hospital mask over his mouth and a hair net over his eyes and hair. He did not once respond to any questions the judge asked him and simply stared at the floor the entire time.

Cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom. Prosecutors couldn't explain Caetano's odd behavior and the way he was dressed.

Prosecutor James Jahn said, "That's some things they do to you know protect themselves and to avoid him doing things that are odd."

Kings County Sheriff's Investigators say it still could take weeks to positively identify the human remains as Caetano's father, 49-year old Lenoard Caetano. Still, prosecutors believe they have enough evidence to charge him with his murder.

Jahn said, "Without going into the details. I am confident that the circumstances surrounding the case will show that that is Leonard Caetano that they found."

In court, the judge questioned Nathaniel Caetano's competency and suspended all criminal proceedings until Monday, when an attorney will be present to represent him and enter a plea.

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