Former valley dairyman nominated for an Academy Award

HANFORD, California

Larry Dias left Hanford 26 years ago initially to study physical therapy. Larry had no idea the skills he learned on the farm would land him his first Hollywood job and eventually lead to the red carpet.

Most of the visually stunning effects in "Inception" weren't computer generated as many might think.

Hanford native Larry Dias filled us in on some of the production secrets. They included "Hallways that spun around on end with actors that were suspended on wires and when you turn that image flat it tricks the human eye."

Willow Grove Farms in Hanford is as far away as you can get from the Hollywood scene.

The Dias family will nervously watch the Oscars on Sunday. Larry's mother Vivian said, "I'm very proud of his success. We all are because coming from a little dairy farm in Kings County to what he is today."

The Dias family has two dairies. Steven runs the one in Hanford. He said Larry can still handle any chores when he's home. Steven said, "When we need help what you got to do. Let's get'r done."

Gregory Dias said his son's building skills landed him his first job as a set dresser. Dad explained, "He was exposed to all that stuff driving nails and anything you need to do out here on a farm."

Larry said, "I have to credit my parents with giving me the ability to take a leap."

Brother Michael and his wife visited Larry in Los Angeles when he came back from London after winning a British Academy Award. Michael said, "When he won he was just sat numb. He couldn't believe it and was every excited of course."

The family now hopes "Inception" gets the Oscar nod for art direction.

Larry said, "It's hard not to think about it too much but like I said, I'm really busy. That's a good thing and it keeps my mind occupied."

Dad's only request - he's asked Larry to shave his beard. "That's his face. That's what he wants. I don't have to like it though."

Larry Dias' star clearly is on the rise. He also worked on "The Last Airbender" and "Transformers."

As for the ending of "Inception," Larry said he read the script, made the movie but was just as confused as everyone else when the movie ended.

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