Mimi's Cafe in Fresno raises funds for Shaela Warkentin

FRESNO, Calif.

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Tuesday night another local restaurant is hosting a fundraiser for Shaela Warkentin.

Shaela suffered some very serious head injuries in that accident.

Tonight Mimi's Cafe is donating 15% of the proceeds to Shaela's recovery if you bring in a flyer.

The event ends Tuesday at 10:00, but there will be three more days where you can dine in and donate to help out the Bullard sophomore.

You can also buy t-shirts, bracelets or even write hand written notes to Shaela. Friends say her health is improving everyday.

Shaela's friend, Abbey Cowan said "Every time I go to see her she's got her personality back. Her feisty, she's Shaela. That's what everybody loves to see you know. Her progress is great. From what she's gone through it's amazing to see where she is today."

Friends and family will be out at Mimi's again Wednesday as well as April 19th and 20th from 7:00 in the morning to 10:00 at night.

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