Valley teen Ryan Beatty performs at Tower Theater

FRESNO, Calif.

The show was the first live performance 15-year-old Ryan Beatty has ever headlined.

Beatty's popularity continues to grow. He surprised his fans with the debut of his first original song. "He's kind of like our inspiration, because we like to sing too," said Maddie Holland of Fresno.

Willa Rydall is such a big fan her dad brought her to the show from Santa Clarita. "He's just an amazing singer, and he's awesome," Willa said.

Beatty grew up in Clovis. "Every time I go out there to perform, whether it be musical theater, I'm kind of nervous before, until I get on stage and it feels right," Beatty said.

He may be just a budding star on stage, but he's already a hit online. His YouTube channel has exploded. Since February, Beatty has collected more than 73,000 page subscribers.

His collection of hit pop song covers have been viewed more than six million times. The teen performer already has merchandise and a concert documentary crew in tow.

What's even bigger than Friday's crowd though is Beatty's excitement over being able to play his own music.

"I'm really excited to show what I've been working on. And, like to show my take on music instead of doing covers," Beatty said.

Beatty is often compared to another YouTube sensation Justin Bieber. But Beatty said his music isn't quite the same. Beatty is working on an album right now and hopes to release it by Labor Day.

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