Fresno's Twist Restaurant and Lounge closes

FRESNO, Calif.

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The state's Alcoholic Beverage Control agency filed a complaint against the restaurant last week, accusing the business of violating its conditional liquor permit for not selling at least a 50% food-to-alcohol ratio. This comes after the owners have had to comply with other permits from the city.

"We've had the dancing issues, you're not allowed to dance, and then we fixed that. We had, you can't be open past 12, then we fixed that," said Thomasito Del Castillo. "And now it's well you sell more alcohol than you do food. Trying to fix that, you know it's just too long."

The owner says running the club has become such a hassle that he's chosen to shut it down rather than face a possible suspension of his liquor license.

The owner says 40 people have lost their jobs.

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