New treatment helping over-sweating sufferers

FRESNO, Calif.

But for people who have over-active sweat glands, anytime of year brings a potentially embarrassing problem.

However, there's a new treatment that's changing the lives of those affected.

In the time it would take for her lunch hour, Heidi Fiorentino of Fresno took care of a problem that few people want to talk about.

"I can't wear gray. I can't wear white because it shows my sweat and I'm giving presentations all the time and it's embarrassing," Fiorentino said.;

The busy, married mother of three who also travels for her pharmaceutical sales career says the Valley's hot summers just add more suffering to her sweaty situation.

But Heidi is getting relief with Miradry, an FDA-approved therapy that zaps the sweat glands with microwave technology, destroying the glands to end hyperhidrosis or over-sweating.

A special computer-guided wand delivers the therapy to the underarm area, which is first numbed for comfort.

"Only when it got to the bottom of my arm, you could feel a little of the warmth, and then it started cooling right away," Fiorentino said.

Dermatologist Dr. Kathleen Behr offers Miradry at her Northeast Fresno practice. She says even though it destroys the glands under the arms the body's ability to sweat won't be affected.

"The sweat glands in our armpits make up only 2% of the sweat glands in our whole body, so by destroying those, there's no problem. You'll still do enough sweating to cool down your whole body," Dr. Behr said.

Dr. Behr recommends 2 treatments, three months apart but many patients will notice a significant change even after only one treatment. And most patients notice a reduction in over-sweating right away.

Miradry costs about $1800 for the first treatment and $1200 for the second. Dr. Behr says many patients see a cost savings because they'll never have ruined clothing from sweat again or even have to buy antiperspirant because the results are permanent. For most patients, she says, the freedom from over-sweating is priceless.

"Some peace of mind to know that they're not going to sweat when they have a presentation or an event going on," Dr. Behr said.

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