Demolition of Dinuba hospital begins

FRESNO, Calif.

The building is on Adelaide Way and Eaton Avenue in Dinuba.

Monday was the first day of demolition of the old Alta District Hospital in Dinuba and people here have actually been stopping by the site and taking pictures of the building and its tear down all day.

Though old and vacant it still has a special place in many people's hearts here.

Though the building has been vacant for 10 years it's known as a fixture in the Dinuba community.

Kathy Lamb was a registered nurse at the hospital from 1965 to 1982. She came by today to take some pictures of the demolition.

"Almost 300 babies that I counted in the log book that I was present at their births so those are nice memories and just the friends we have here and all," Lamb said.

"This is very emotional for the hospital being torn down," pediatrician Khusal Mehta said. "They had a lot of emergency treatment here, they were born here and actually a lot of good memories of this hospital."

While the community mourns the loss of the hospital building they are also excited for the next chapter planned for the site.

Local doctor Kuldip Thusu has joined with leading dialysis treatment company Davita to build a brand new Kidney Dialysis Center.

"It's in need right now the closest dialysis center right here from Dinuba is in Sanger and right now they're full all the time," Ana Wosicki of Dr. Thusu's office said.

Dr. Thusu may also build a nursing school. Community members say they're ready for the new services and hope this will make it easier on local patients.

"It's been sitting empty for so long it's nice to see the development and I think ESP getting a dialysis unit here will be wondering people not having to travel to get dialysis treatment," Lamb said.

The demolition of this building will take 5 weeks.

Once it's done Davida will begin construction of the new dialysis center, and that is expected to open by July of next year.

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