Family and Friends remember Sarah Roberts

FRESNO, Calif.

Sarah Roberts, 26, was shot and killed outside a New Year's Eve party in Central Fresno a year ago. Family and friends of Sarah Roberts gathered in front of the Kerman City Hall on Tuesday to remember a mother whose life was taken a year ago today. The case still is unsolved. Family and the Fresno Police Chief are using the anniversary of her death to ask the public to help crack open this murder case.

Heartfelt tears and hugs took over the new year celebration at Belmont Memorial Park where the body of Sarah Roberts now rests. Friends and family gathered at the cemetery to remember the Kerman woman killed outside a new years eve party in Central Fresno last year. Investigators say she was caught in a gang crossfire.

"She was a good good person, taken too far too soon from this world and away from all of her family and two beautiful children," said Kelleigh Garcia.

Her kids, 6-year-old Saede and 4-year-old Jaeden are in the care of Sarah's parents. Sarah's father wants the culprit to turn himself in. "It's about loving each other and forgiving each other, people make mistakes, I know they didn't intentionally shoot my daughter, I know that," said Rusty Roberts.

As of now, Police have not yet made an arrest and have few leads.

"When you have an incident like this where you have rival gangs that are involved in a shooting, and an innocent person gets shot and killed, very few people are willing to come forth with information," said Jerry Dyer, Fresno Police Chief.

Chief Dyer was at the memorial and hopes a $2,000 reward urges someone to come forward. "We're going to do everything within our power to solve this case so that they can have some type of justice."

For now, family and friends say what keeps them strong are the memories of Sarah.

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