Hanford band Poor Man's Poison hits national stage

FRESNO, California

Not only did they win $100,000 at the Texaco Country Showdown in Nashville, but they are heading back to Nashville to play in the CMA Fan Fest in front of a crowd of hundreds of thousands.

The guys in the group are not cowboys, but their music gets to the roots of the country scene.

"Maybe we were kind of that breath of fresh air, there's other things," said Dustin Medeiros. "Ultimately, we go back to the roots of what country was, where it came from."

Their grand prize was a check for $100,000, presented to them by the recording artist Jewel. The money will be put back into the band to fund their tour. The group was entered into the competition by their manager.

"That's what I've definitely learned, is to put yourself out there, put yourself anywhere and take a chance, you never know," said Mike Jacobs.

Many around the Valley say the rock, bluegrass, twang will help them make it big. But these guys said what's most important now are their wives and kids.

"The ultimate goal of the band is to financially support our families and live the American Dream, and be your own boss," said Tommy McCarthy.

On the home front the group is center stage.

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