Hundreds line up for Fresno gun show

FRESNO, Calif.

The gun show has ended for the night but it was packed today.

One woman said she drove in from the coast because shelves at gun stores there are beginning to empty out.

Gun control advocates say rushing out to stock up at these gun shows is a dangerous trend.

The line to the Fresno gun show stretched all the way down the block this morning.

Many people walked out with boxes and even carts full of ammunition and other weapon related items.

Jose Moreno and his friend came to the gun show because he says he couldn't find the ammo he uses at any of his local gun shops.

The problem he says is that people are fearful that gun ownership may soon be restricted with proposed gun control increases.

Gun Supporter Jose Moreno said, "I feel it's unfair, I feel guns actual protect law abiding citizens from crime."

Many at the gun show said these gun shows are an easier place for people to shop, both for price and because ammo and other items are in stock.

Meanwhile thousands of gun control supporters took to the streets of Washington, D.C. today urging more support of the president's plans for tight gun laws.

Last weekend the opposition marched there.

Camille Russell of Peace Fresno said, "It's making us less safe. And it really concerns me that people feel that they are going to be safer if they have a weapon. I don't believe it's true and I don't believe it will make the community safer."

Peace Fresno is a group that supports the president's push for more restrictive gun laws especially when it comes to high-powered assault weapons.

"They were designed for the military, they were designed for the police, they were not designed to be available to community members," Russell said.

Moreno says the president's push for more weapon control is just wrong.

"He's going against guns, and I don't think guns are the problem, people are the problems," Moreno said.

The gun show here will continue tomorrow Sunday and is scheduled to be back in Fresno this March.

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