Clovis Rodeo Parade brings the community together

FRESNO, Calif.

The Clovis Rodeo parade has become a tradition for many. For some, it's also a place to make new friends. Special guests like Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims were just a small portion of the excitement for this year's Clovis Rodeo Parade.

Alex Smith of San Ramon said, "We come to the rodeo every year, we come to the parade every year and I just really enjoy it."

Smith and his wife Arlita said they visited Clovis from San Ramon, which is in the bay area. It is a trip they've made for decades, just for rodeo weekend.

Smith said, "I just love all the enthusiasm and all the effort everyone puts in, and the pride they share with us."

As the more than 200 floats made their way through Clovis and Pollasky Avenues, the crowd of roughly 40,000 cheered and waved hello. Some, like a search and rescue crew in the parade, stopped to give kids a hands-on experience.

Brittany Lawrence of Clovis said, "Nobody really wants to come to the sides, or they're too busy going quick. It was nice for them to stop, it was really appreciated."

Lawrence said her son turned the parade into a tradition, and this year they're adding new friends.

"We actually just met them. So Hanna is 2 and my son, Aiden, is 4," Lawrence said.

Lawrence's new friend, Jenni Mcdowell watched her husband whose a Shriner. This is her fourth Clovis rodeo parade and the second for little Hanna.

Mcdowell said, "Now she finally understands it and she enjoys it."

Most floats were centered on the country and rodeo theme, and at least one was a bit out of this world.

The PRCA Rodeo continues Saturday night with more performances. Sunday starting at 12:45 p.m., there will be a special kid's performance and the rodeo finals will follow after.

The rodeo fun is still going on in Clovis.

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