Fresno mother of 8 killed in DUI crash

FRESNO, Calif.

Officers say Blia Vang died instantly. She was a passenger in a Toyota Corolla driven by her husband, Yee Her. Yee has major injuries from the crash.

This family's devastated children have been at their father's bedside all day. Loved ones say Yee Her is in a lot of pain and has undergone surgery. But he is constantly asking about his wife and if she is ok. His children have not had the heart to tell him, she did not survive.

Blia Vang was a mother of eight who worked tirelessly to support her family. She worked all night at Foster Farms and spent her days cleaning and tending to her large family.

The victim's son, Sonny Her told ABC30, "She is a very hard worker and she never complains. Even though she is tired, she still cooks for the family and makes sure everything is perfect before she goes to work."

Sunday, Blia and her husband Yee set out to spend the day together. They ended up at one of their favorite destinations, Table Mountain Casino.

Sonny added, "They go there like once or twice a week, not much at all, but they like to spend time together."

According to loved ones, Yee Her didn't even have the chance to brake, when a truck suddenly veered into his lane. Investigators say Luis Moreno of Kerman was driving a black GMC truck when he crossed into southbound lanes.

Officers say several other drivers noticed Moreno's erratic driving before the crash.

CHP Officer Patrick Etchebarne said, "We had several witnesses putting the driver swerving in through lanes, prior to the collision and observing the collision and the GMC actually in the wrong lane."

Investigators say Moreno did not reveal where he was prior to the crash, but admitted he was under the influence of alcohol. Officers say the driver has another felony DUI conviction from 2010.

For the Her family, Sunday already marked a painful day. Blia and Yee's son died on that day in 2007. Vang Her was hit by a car while serving overseas in the army.

Sonny added, "It was already tough as it is, losing my brother, May 5, 2007, now, it's another one, May 5, 2013."

Sonny Her says he is upset a drunk driver left him without a mother. He is also facing the tough choice of deciding when his father's health is stable enough to tell him what happened to his mother. At the moment, Sonny isn't sure his dad can handle another crushing blow.

"It's heartbreaking hearing him asking for my mom and having us have to lie to him and tell him she is in another room… she's ok, don't worry about her," said Sonny."

Luis Moreno is also in the hospital, he has moderate injuries. Investigators say he will be charged with murder because of his prior DUI history.

Officers also say the couple was wearing seatbelts and there was nothing they could do to avoid the crash.

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