Man with 3 mules walks through Fresno County

FRESNO, Calif.

The man, who calls himself "Mule," was seen walking along Highway 180 west of Fresno. His real name is John Sears and he said he's been to 13 states over 29 years.

He said he lives outside with no home or car. He said ever increasing urban sprawl has taken the place of wide open space and people and animals are trapped.

"The outside world is disappearing and man is building an inside world. He's locked himself up. Everywhere you go, it's getting harder and harder to move around," said John "Mule" Sears.

Everywhere Mule, and his three mules walk, an independent documentary maker follows close behind. Mule says he's not looking for publicity, but is headed toward Sacramento right now.

He plans to leave a message on the steps of the state capitol. The message is, "The outside must be respected. And the state needs a trail system and bike paths to connect cities throughout California."

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