Walmart moving into an old Fresno Mervyn's building

FRESNO, California

Walmart announced plans to set up shop on Ashlan and Blackstone. Traffic near Ashlan and Blackstone is almost always busy. But that's definitely not the case for foot traffic at this shopping complex.

"We are talking about a major corner in the heart of our city that's not well lit. This corner is a corner for prostitution, homelessness, crime, all that goes now once this corner has activity," said Clint Olivier.

In 2008 the old Mervyn's shut down and since then the store remained empty and the area has struggled.

Fresno City Council member Clint Olivier told us a Walmart supercenter scheduled to open in this district this summer is expected to turn things around.

"This is exactly what we need, a shot in the arm that our city needs to keep going again," said Olivier.

Construction is underway. The company plans to start hiring to fill 250 positions this spring. Nearby businesses say the major change will boost their profits and make the area safer.

"We are going to have security throughout the day 24 hours. The neighborhood will be a lot better," said Daniel Bernal.

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