Made in the Valley: Betts Company


Betts invented the mud flap hanger, first patented in 1954, Betts holds several other patents related on our innovative products.

Betts Company was founded in 1868 by William Michael Betts I. Mr. Betts came from a family of spring makers, including an artisan decorated by the Queen of England for his work on her carriage springs. Mr. Betts immigrated to the United States, first settling in Kansas City. After a short stay, he came to California, following the gold rush, and set up shop as the first spring making business west of the Mississippi River.

In 1991 the company broke ground on its first Fresno facility on South Maple Avenue. The facility houses Betts HD, a manufacturer of heavy duty truck components and Betts truck parts and service, one of eight similar parts distribution and truck service operations located throughout California, Oregon and Arizona. In 2007, they broke ground on a second facility, a 125,000 square foot facility which houses Betts spring manufacturing and the company headquarters.

Approximately 110 people work at the Fresno operations, approximately 85 which are involved in manufacturing and related support and 25 involved with our truck parts distribution/service, warehousing and related support.

Betts ships their products throughout North America and other NAFTA countries.


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