Man discovered dead in his home, years after his death

Monday, February 12, 2018
Man found dead in home after three years
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Man found dead in home after several years

NEWPORT NEWS, Virgina -- The body of a man was discovered in his Virginia home, years after his death.

A nephew of the man called a neighbor and asked them to check on his uncle.

When the neighbor checked the home he smelled a strong odor coming from inside the house and called police.

Police say they found the man's body inside and that he had been dead for several years.

Neighbors said they thought the man, who was in his 60's, had been sent to a nursing home or moved away with family, but instead he was in the home the whole time.

One neighbor said, "He was very secluded. He didn't want to be bothered with a bunch of people."

Police believe there was no foul play involving the man's death.