Boy, 9, injured after carnival rides collide in Illinois

MIDLOTHIAN, Ill. -- A 9-year-old boy is recovering after he was hit by debris from a collision between two rides at a carnival in south suburban Midlothian, Illinois Thursday evening, fire officials said.

The accident occurred at the St. Christopher Parish Fest at 147th Street and Karlov Avenue.

One of the rides, the Pharaoh's Fury, which is a giant swinging ship with two large heads on either side, smashed into the Freak Out ride. The impact knocked off one of the large heads off of Pharaoh's Fury, which flew up into the air and also sent smaller pieces of plastic, glass and metal flying into the crowds.

A 9-year-old boy who was standing on the ground below was hit with debris. He was with his parents at the time. He was bleeding from his head and rushed to the hospital.

"We're sitting behind the head when it fell off and the pieces fell off and hit the kid," said witness Averi Brown. "We looked down and it was laying on top of him and his head was full of blood."

Paramedics transported the boy to a local hospital. St. Christopher's Pastor Kris Paluch visited the boy in the hospital and said he was badly bruised and had injuries to his head.

"He is in a lot of pain, a lot of bruises here and there," Pastor Paluch said. "They were running a lot of tests even when I was there."

People who were riding Pharaoh's Fury at the time said the Freak Out didn't have anyone on it, and was just running a test ride. The pastor said the rides were very close together.

Alpine Amusement company out of Naperville set up the carnival. The State of Illinois's Amusement Ride and Attractions Safety team said they inspected their rides back in May. But the church wants the rides to be checked again or says they don't want them back up.

"They said they will be coming back this morning again to do more inspections to make sure everything is safe because that is the priority," Pastor Paluch said.

There was also another incident at a Plainfield carnival. One woman was thrown from a ride and injured.

State officials said that case is also under investigation.
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