Salon gives makeovers to breast cancer survivors

Monday, November 10, 2014
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Check out how women who beat cancer are celebrating their recovery with a new look.

HOUSTON -- Every year, 12 women are selected to appear in a special calendar for charity here in Houston. It's not something they wish for, but, to them, it's an honor to stand up against breast cancer.

Cancer survivor Shirley Malonson says, "I never thought I'd do that, especially at my age."

Malonson lost her mother to cancer and then she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Cindy Rasco went through a similar situation and is happy to be alive. Rasco described how she felt while modeling.

"Felt good to look beautiful again. When you're going through cancer you have this look that you don't wanna put makeup on and you don't feel good," she said.

Venita Graves brought the women together at Salon Park in Meyerland, after starting Beauty beyond breast cancer. Survivors shoot a special calendar to celebrate life. Graves is an 11 year survivor.

"It feels fantastic, it feels beautiful. That's why I love supporting other survivor's beauty beyond breast cancer. I like to inspire, assist, motivate and inform," Graves said.

The calendar shoot also connected a dozen women who formed a friendship and can lean on each other for support.

Malonson adds, "It makes you feel good that people really, really care about you."

The Beauty beyond breast cancer calendar will be sold in December. The proceeds will go to buying wigs for cancer patients.