Clovis mom turns handmade jewelry hobby into booming business

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- For some women, accessories like bracelets and necklace are key to an outfit and one local artist is finding success through her handmade jewelry.

"I have always loved crystals and rocks and things like that," artist Alisa Hopper said.

Hopper is inspired by nature, so much so, she's designed a jewelry line all built around it.

"They're all just a little bit different, handmade and each of the gemstones and the aggregate slices and the druzy formations in the middle with the crystals. They're all unique as well because they're straight from nature," she said.

Hopper is the owner of Timber and Chain, a jewelry line sold on Etsy and at local markets. She started the business just two years ago to complement her bridal line, All Things Tinsel, which was founded in 2009.

"I just thought I can't keep all these things, I will just list them on Etsy in a shop," Hopper said. "Little did I know, I started a little business, so right when my daughter was born it took off. Brides came out of the woodworks, and their weddings were published in blogs and articles."

Hopper learned to make bridal jewelry by watching videos and learning from others and each piece of hers is handmade. She says the maker movement has been huge for her local business.

"If people want a gift, they'll go to someone who makes it by hand instead of just going to a big box store and it might take a little bit longer but you have that personalization and the actual artist you can talk to," Hopper explained.

Social media has helped connect her with local shoppers and those buying wholesale. She's been able to sell hundreds of her pieces.

"I've been so honored to be carried in stores like the Foundry and Cavelle Kids, she carries my kid's line and a couple of boutiques in California as well," Hopper said. "It's done really well."

It's nature-inspired jewelry that's fueling this mom's passion and other people's fashion.
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