Inventions launching at downtown Fresno business

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A group of Fresno State engineering students is building what could be the next great invention.

"We're working on an autonomous weed-killing robot. With the goal for farmers to replace herbicides with this new technology, we're working on. So secret stuff," said Jordan May, an engineering student at Fresno State.

The autonomous sprayer is being created by hand from the Pi Shop in downtown Fresno.

The shop is an incubator with professional advice, but also the use of high-tech machines like 3-D printers and CNC machines.

"As a new business, no bank is going to give you a loan. Maybe you can pull your credit card out," said Mark Jackson, CEO of the Pi Shop. It's difficult to purchase these kinds of assets when you're starting up and need to use to pay yourself, buy food or develop your idea."

Jackson is also the owner of Blue Dolphin, a design and engineering company that's created many prototypes and helped with inventions over the year.

He says a select group of members pay a monthly fee for coaching and use of the high-tech machines.

Jackson says entrepreneurs have already developed inventions.

"Without having to use huge trees that have to be cut down and sawed into lumber. They can use natural resources to create their building blocks, and they're one of the members here," Jackson said.

Another company, Drip Drop USA, is working on a technology to drive water from our natural surroundings.

Jackson says Fresno is a fertile place for business.

"There's an abundant amount of resources here that can be done anything that can be done anywhere in the world, why wouldn't you do it here," he added.

The company helps to launch and grow ideas in the Valley.
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