Local ranchers see demand in beef

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The clouds fill the skies over Fresno County, as the cattle at Dot Seven Ranch soak up the peace and calm in the country.

"Demand for our business is really high. I think there has been a movement through COVID that want to get to know those who raise their food," said Brooke Helsel, The Beef Boutique owner.

Brooke Helsel is the owner of the Beef Boutique, an online website selling everything from western clothing to meat.

She started selling her family's ranch cattle before the pandemic. Helsel says ranchers are doing everything they can to get consumers their products.

"There's no shortage of beef, there are plenty of cattle in the U.S. It's just a matter of working through this and there may be less inventory on the grocery store shelves right now, but there's no reason to hoard," Helsel said.

She's a Clovis graduate who went to Cal Poly for agriculture.

The third generation rancher tried to find ways to innovate her business and connect with customers online.

Brooke's mother, Betsy Behlen, is one of the co-owners of Dot Seven Ranch. Her father started the ranch after returning home World War Two.

"It just means family to me. Honoring a tradition in my family to be a rancher and honoring my dad to run cattle as he did with a .7 on the left hip," she said.

A family tradition with strong roots and a new generation passionate about this Western way of life.

The Beef Boutique sells their meat online. They've seen strong support locally, but have also been able to sell their meat across the country though social media
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