cCare At Saint Agnes ready to open newly redesigned facility

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's all hands on deck at the newly redesigned cCARE Cancer Center at Saint Agnes. In less than 24 hours cancer outpatients will begin treatment at the new facility.

The medical staff unpacked boxes, stocked shelves and put the final touches on the building before they open their doors.

"This is not for cCARE, this is for our patients and for the Central Valley," said Troy Simon, cCARE CEO.

Dr. William Jawien, Medical Director, said the new facility is designed with the patient in mind. Each department flows into one another, reducing walking distance for patients and making work more efficient for staff.

"Patients can move very easily and smoothly from one point of their treatment to the next point."

The facility boasts new labs and advanced radiation and imaging technology. Art pieces of Yosemite National Park decorate the interior creating a community feeling and soon local coffee shop Kuppa Joy will have a space inside.

"On an annual basis about 18,000 patients that come into this facility that we touch, so making sure that we have the state of the art technology and space for their care is very important," said Simon.

Simon said one of the most impressive features is their infusion center. Gone are the times of having to treat people in different rooms. All 72 chairs are now in one area.

"Many infusion centers have a corral type feeling where it is one chair on top of the other, but you will see in the facility that it is semi-private," said Simon.

The redesign is part of a broader vision to transform cCARE. The next phase involves expanding their renovations to other parts of the campus.
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