Valley growers work to protect products during cold temperatures

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Citrus growers across Central California are used to being on standby for freezing temperatures, but this week has been alarming.

"This is really the first cold event that we have been concerned about," says California Citrus Mutual President Casey Creamer.

Creamer says when temperatures are below 28 degrees and for a long time, that's when they really worry.

If citrus is impacted with frost damage, the results can be costly.

"It can't be put into the market at all," Creamer said. "The inside will separate from the skin and that's just not good and doesn't hold as long."

There was a silver lining, however, with the weather patterns this week - rainfall made its way down to the Valley and snow stuck in the Sierra Nevada.

"That needed rain and snowpack were very necessary, especially with the recent announcement of zero water allocation or 15% in the Friant, I believe," Creamer said. "We know there is more out there and are hoping those numbers come up."

In the meantime, growers will continue working hard on this season's harvest and preparations for next season.

Creamer also says packing houses have technology that is extremely helpful in determining what fruit has been impacted.
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