Some familiar creatures have a new home at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Four warthogs have a new home in the Fresno Chaffee Zoo but the wild members of the pig family are pretty laid back in their new digs.

Just a few weeks ago the warthogs moved from across the zoo and into the African Adventure exhibit.

"They are able to live on their habitat and move very freely and openly and give them wallows. Which they love to dig around and just have a good time in their mud baths," said Kimberly Ashford, Fresno Chaffee Zoo.

Their old home was much smaller and didn't have much room to grow fresh grass.

Ashford said warthogs are true herbivores, they also like to eat grains and produce.

"But then they also eat hay and have access to it in their entire exhibit which is covered in grass. They like to eat the grass, they like to dig up the grass while out in the wild," she said.

The four warthogs are made up of one male and three females, one of which is the mother of the pack.

"She is the one with the longest tusk but the male that is most noticeable because he has a set of warts, two sets of warts. And the girls only have one set by their eyes," said Ashford.

You can see them for yourself, their home is right in between the lions and meerkats. But Ashford pointed out that the location of the new home for the warthogs had nothing to do with the film, the "Lion King."

"I hear Pumbaa all the time and people are like did you do that on purpose? Simba,Timon and Pumbaa. No it wasn't on purpose," she said.

Funding for the new exhibit was paid through Measure Z, the sales tax approved by Fresno County voters in 2004.
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