Community searching for stolen wooden statue in Centerville

For over 60 years, a large wooden figure welcomed visitors to the Circle C Market in Centerville.

Customers often snapped photos next to it. But the wooden man was stolen over a week ago.

Whether they're passing through Centerville on Highway 180 or they live in the area, folks are familiar with the figure out front of the local market.

"Everybody that lives around the Centerville area, they know him. That's how people know us. They don't even know our store name is Circle C Market. They know it as the Indian Man store," said Store Manager Manpreet Singh.

A sign now hangs where the figure used to stand.

"Somebody with a bolt cutter came in and just cut it and the other end of it came loose," said Singh.

Customers like Megan Payton noticed the void as soon as they pulled into the parking lot.

"It's kind of sad because it's been here for a long time. Everyone notices it. You always notice it standing there. You always think it's someone standing there but it's not," said Payton.

Some of Singh's customers tell him the figure many people call "The Indian Man" actually represents a gold rush era bandit named "3 Finger Jack."

Older customers in their 60s and above told Manpreet they remember the figure when they were kids.

"It's really disappointing and another thing is why would they do that? It holds sentimental value for the customer, for us. We've been here with him," said Singh.

Singh and his customers say all they can do is spread the word and hope someone will return the missing wooden man with a clay face.

The missing wooden figure stands over five feet tall and weighs over 100 pounds.
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