Crave Cookie to open storefront in northwest Fresno

The wait is over for warm cookies from Crave Cookie's new storefront and drive-thru.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The wait is over for warm cookies from Crave Cookie's new storefront and drive-thru.

"It's a little surreal. First, we had our soft opening last weekend, and I got a little teary-eyed thinking, you know, I came from my mom's kitchen to now 42 staff and now four mixers, eight ovens, it's pretty crazy," said Shandi Scrivner, owner of Crave Cookie.

Scrivner is the creator of the warm cookies delivered to your home.

Crave Cookie is opening its first storefront in northwest Fresno on Friday.

The store is located in the El Paseo Shopping Center off Alto and Riverside Drive, and people can get their cookies freshly baked in-person or in their drive-thru.

"Permanently at the store, this is brand new information, we will have chocolate chip, churro, which people will be very excited that it's back for good, and we will sugar cookies full time. Then we will have a rotating flavor weekly," Scrivner said.

The new store will sell Rosa's milk, Kuppa Joy coffee and specialty energy drinks and sodas.

They will also continue their partnership with Kuppa Joy.

Crave Cookies started in 2019 in Clovis. Since then, they've expanded zip codes and flavors.

The new facility will allow them to do more.

"When COVID hit, ordering online was the only way to go. We were able to keep our numbers high and our deliveries out there. We were able to open this store. We've had a lot of growth and expansion," Scrivner said.

Currently, they are hiring drivers and bakers.

They haven't been deterred by the pandemic, even with challenges.

The mom of four says she's thankful her kitchen recipes have become a hit.

"I never thought it would turn into this, but it's been a blessing, and we have a lot of love from our local customers," Scrivner said.

They are planning to open a storefront in Clovis at Sunnyside and Tollhouse later this year.

Crave also has plans to sell cookies nationwide.
Crave cookie's store and drive thru opens Friday to the public at 1 pm. They'll be open six days a week Monday through Saturday.
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