Delhi Unified rolls out wearable thermometers for students and staff

MERCED COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- A North Valley school district is turning to tech to track changing temperatures while students and staff return to campuses.

Delhi Unified is rolling out new Temperature Alert Devices, a simple wristband for both students and staff that can track a fever.

The light will stay green when temperatures are normal.

It will then vibrate and the light will turn orange as temperatures climb.

It will ultimately turn red if temperatures reach over 100 degrees.

"If it's a different color, the teacher knows they have to act upon and so other protocols are put in place," Delhi Unified's Juan Garcia said.

District health officials said it's not only a way to track temperatures throughout day, but it allows them act quickly and help avoid others from getting sick.

"Maybe a student wasn't feeling good this morning, they had medicine, now it's wearing off and they have a temperature. The watch is going to change color," District nurse Patricia Marsh said.

The added protection is on top of social distancing, Plexiglas, and temperature gun checks that are done as soon as kids step on campus.

School district officials say 3,000 wristbands were paid for with COVID-19 funding from the state.

So far, 400 students and staff have registered to wear the wristband.
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