Clovis restaurant owner offering a $100 reward to find a couple that 'dined & dashed'

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A restaurant owner is offering a $100 reward for the identity of a couple who they say dined and dashed Saturday night at the Press Box Restaurant in Clovis.

The couple showed up to watch the UFC fight but after it ended the restaurant manager says they skipped out on paying their tab.

The fight was sold out, but one table became available at the last minute, so the pair walked in at the right time.

PressBox District Manager, Meredith Jenkins said nothing seemed unusual until they were gone, and the waitress was left holding their bill.

"I delivered their food. It did not seem like anything was suspicious, but they ended up walking out on their tab," said Jenkins.

Jenkins remembered the couple well. They ordered a few beers, a margarita and chicken wings. They also agreed to a $40 fee for the two to watch the UFC match. But once the fight was over, managers say they completely dodged the bill.

Tom Miller owns the family run business. He offered the 100 dollar reward for a few reasons.

"One of the things that people don't realize if they do a walkout, it hurts the restaurant, but not only that, it hurts the server. These people work hard for the tips and the income to feed their families," said Miller.

Miller is still hoping to track down the pair so they can pay up.

He also wants to talk to them about how their actions were about more than just stiffing a restaurant.

So as of right now, a few people have started to identify the couple, but so far they have not come forward. The Miller's hope that their social media campaign will also discourage others from dining and dashing.
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