Valley high school offering new and exciting electives for special education students

FRENSO, Calif. (KFSN) -- For Naomi Garcia, the countdown is on until sixth period.

"I love dancing and music," Garcia said. "Dancing is my favorite."

That's when she and other alternative learning pathway students will grab their sheet music or tap shoes for an all-new elective class.

"They are so excited every day when sixth period comes around," says Saima Nunez. "They really want to be in those classes, and it's something different."

Staff said they felt there weren't enough opportunities in the arts for their special education students, so they started something new.

"The energy the kids bring is so genuine," says Cynamin Niewell. "And for the kids that don't feel like they have to do anything, it brings a whole new joy."

The peer-to-peer program pairs them with general education students like Niewell, a senior at Roosevelt High School who hopes to be a special education teacher one day.

"As a singer and someone who wants to be in the special education field, I get to know them more and I get to see what they like," Niewell said.

Students can choose to take either choir or tap with general education students, giving them the chance to learn a new skill and make new friends.

This is just the start. Roosevelt will offer a band class with a similar structure within the coming weeks.
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