Lance Bass buying 'Brady Bunch' house in Studio City

STUDIO CITY, LOS ANGELES -- The "Brady Bunch" house in the San Fernando Valley has been sold to former pop star Lance Bass.

The NSYNC member will "buy buy buy" the landmark after his offer was accepted.

The iconic home is located on Dilling Street in Studio City and served as the exterior for "The Brady Bunch," which aired on ABC from 1969 to 1974.

The asking price was nearly $2 million but no word on what it actually sold for.

Bass tweeted he's super excited to announce his offer was accepted last night.

"Super excited to announce they accepted my offer on the #BradyBunch house last night!!! This is going to be a fun project!" Bass wrote

Maureen McCormick - also known as Marcia Brady - congratulated Bass and he replied she'd be his first dinner guest.

One of the other bidders for the home was "Property Brothers" star Jonathan Silver Scott, who offered his help to Bass renovating the property.

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