Children's Fairyland sparks creativity through storybook theme park for kids

ByChris Bollini via Localish logo
Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Children's Fairyland unlocks a storybook world with key learning opportunities for kids.

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Children's Fairyland opens up a storybook world for kids to play, learn, and activate their imaginations. It's a fairy tale world where anything can happen.

"They can travel down the rabbit hole into wonderland as Alice in Wonderland, they can get on Peter Pan's pirate ship and be Peter Pan," explained Randal Metz, director of the Storybook Puppet Theater. "It's a place to forget everything else in the world."

Since 1950, the whimsical theme park has enchanted and entertained visitors while unlocking opportunities for education.

"This is probably one of the most recognizable icons of Children's Fairyland, it's the Fairyland magic key," described Maria Rodriguez, the creative director of Children's Fairyland. "It activates story boxes all around the park."

This fun attraction and others throughout the park are designed to encourage reading and generate excitement for stories.

While the core mission of Fairyland stays true to its storytelling roots, the theme park looks forward to starting a new chapter.

"I think that the legacy of Children's Fairyland for the future is how we evolve," said Metz. We're currently looking to take our sets, and our puppet shows, and our stories, and turn towards the literature of the world, and try to bring more cultures into Fairyland."

The vintage theme park shows no signs of slowing down as it continues to spark creativity and inspire play.

"Fairyland is about to be 75 years old in 2025," said Fairyland's Executive Director Kymberly Miller. "We still want to be an inspiration to children and their families, as they come to play in this magical world of wonder."

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