Former Merced Pastor sentenced to more than 100 years in prison for murder, rape

MERCED, Calif. (KFSN) -- A former Merced pastor is sentenced to serve 149 years to life in prison on Tuesday.

Raul Moreno was found guilty of 14 different counts, including attempted murder, rape, and assault charges.

"This is a case where the law gave him exactly what he deserved . I think it was a righteous sentence and an appropriate sentence," Merced County Deputy District Attorney Scott Drexel said.

Moreno was arrested in 2016 for shooting at his two adopted daughters and one of their boyfriends. The shooting led to a several hour long standoff with police, and Moreno was also found guilty for shooting at officers.

During the trial, Attorneys also claim Moreno raped his two adopted daughters. Brianna Moreno was in the courtroom, and said she feels some relief after years of pain.

"I'm shocked I never really pictured this happening where I'm able to get justice. Not just for me, but also for my sister and her boyfriend," Moreno said.

The rest of Moreno's family was also in the courtroom. They didn't want to speak on camera but did state that they love their father, and the allegations made by both the victims are false.

Members of the family sent a statement telling Action News:

"The allegations made against our father by Savannah and Brianna are disgusting, degrading and completely false. We encourage anyone following this case to look into their many contradicting statements made under oath during trial. The Moreno family stands with our father and will continue to appeal and fight against the lies that were spread by Savannah and Brianna following the shooting. Raul raised his children to be responsible, respectful and decent human beings and we are proud to have him as our father. Raul worked extremely hard to provide us with outlets to a better life and we love him with all our hearts. "

Moreno's attorney during trial left the case prior to sentencing, which caused a delay in Moreno's case.

His defense attorney during the sentencing did confirm that he filed a notice of appeal.
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