Fresno chiropractor accused of sex crimes held to answer on all counts

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A judge decided Tuesday there is enough evidence to hold a Fresno chiropractor to answer to sexual crimes with eight patients. Arthur Hernandez was held to answer on all 11 counts.

Arthur Hernandez clutched his rosary beads. His attorney said he was shocked he was held to answer. He still maintains he did nothing inappropriate with his female patients.

As the judge read his decision, Hernandez seemed to fight back tears. Just moments earlier, the prosecutor reminded the court of the statements each victim made when she took the stand.

All eight victims, who never knew each other, told similar stories about being referred to Hernandez for car accident related injuries. They testified they were alone with the chiropractor when groping and fondling made them uncomfortable. Despite this, several said they didn't go to police right away.

Attorney Dan Bacon said several women had changing and contradictory statements. He felt at least some of the counts should have been dropped.

"The elements of this crime and the purpose of this statute have not been met by the testimony of these victims," Bacon said.

"We're very adamant about that. We plan to challenge this at the next level. We respect Judge Sarkisian but I believe he was in error."

The charges carry a serious penalty, if convicted he could serve 15 years to life in prison.

Hernandez is still a practicing chiropractor. Only now, he has to have another person in the room when he sees female patients. His attorney says this case has dramatically cut his business.
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