Fresno County extends ban on growing, selling outdoor marijuana

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Fresno County Board of Supervisors renewed a one-year extension to the county's ban on growing and selling marijuana, based on the idea marijuana is a danger.

"There is a current and immediate threat to public safety," Board Chairman Nathan Magsig explains the county's position.

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"We do have concerns about commercial sales as well as medicinal sales here in the county of Fresno. And so the ordinance we enacted today does not allow commercial or medicinal sales within the county of Fresno," said Magsig.

Fresno County's ban is not unusual. While legal under state law, cities and counties are free to impose restrictions -- and most do.

But, the city of Fresno is lifting its restrictions on medicinal sales and is expected to approve recreational sales within a year. Former Fresno City Council Member Clint Olivier, a legalization advocate, thinks the county should get on board.

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"Right now in Fresno County I would estimate there are at least dozens of illicit cannabis shops and they are completely unregulated. So the prudent thing to do would get those folks licensed and paying taxes," he said.

Olivier said, state law now allows state licensed dealers to deliver recreational or medicinal marijuana to any address in any city or county despite local restrictions.
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