Fresno Fire Department trains 50 kids at its first Girls Empowerment Camp

The Fresno Fire Department is trying to change the math with their inaugural Girls Empowerment Camp.

50 kids from around the community trained with Fresno firefighters on Saturday as well as female firefighters from around the state.

They did everything from ladder drills to search operations to roof techniques.

The goal is to show that firefighting is a job women can accomplish.

The girls got hands-on training, gift bags, and even a meet-and-greet with Fresno Fire Chief Kerri Donis.

"A lot of these young women that have gone through this today are just super excited and say this is awesome and amazing and I'm going to pursue being a firefighter," said Donis.

96 percent of people in the firefighting occupation are men and in Fresno it's even higher - at about 98 percent.

There are six female firefighters in the Fresno Fire Department.

They hope to boost those numbers by hosting two female empowerment events every year.
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