Fresno shooting spree suspect Kori Muhammad will be held to answer on all charges

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- After the April homicide of Carl Williams at the Motel Six in Central Fresno, Kori Muhammad told detectives he wanted to know if officers had identified him. He went to a Tower District Starbucks to log onto the internet.

"When he accessed the WiFi, he pulled up the Channel 30 app and during that time is when he observed his photograph and that he was wanted for murder," said Fresno Police Detective Miguel Alvarez.

Detective Alvarez said Mohammed knew his freedom was limited. He told him he would either be in prison for the rest of his life or sentenced to death. He went on a mission to take out as many White men as possible.

"He mentioned if you weren't an original which he identified as a Hispanic, Black, Asian, women or children, then you were a target," said Alvarez.

Mark Gassett, Zack Randalls and David Jackson were shot to death that day.

Hours later, Muhammad told detectives he was unable to get his anti-psychotic medication for six months prior to the killings because of an issue at the Department of Behavioral Health.

He confessed to cutting off his dreadlocks and then discarding them in a bizarre way

"When he made it to the river, he took pieces of his hair and he walked down to the water and he burned them in some type of a voodoo type spiritual ritual," said Fresno Police Detective Victor Miranda.

Several other officers also took the stand to describe what witnesses said. Several were terrified they too would be killed and tried desperately to get away.

Muhammad was found competent to stand trial last week, despite this, he gave his usual outburst as he left the court after being held to answer for the crime spree.
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