Fresno Unified increasing support for English learners this year

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno Unified is providing extra support for their English learners.

Over 13,000 students receive English learning support in Fresno Unified and for the past year, all of this was done virtually. Now that these students are coming back to the classroom, the district says the work's just getting started.

Moises Jauregui is a senior at Edison High School who knows the challenges of learning a language first hand.

"I did move from LA to Tijuana to back here," said Jauregui "It was hard for me to interact and actually communicate what I wanted to say."

Now, he's serving as a peer mentor to students that need extra help learning English.

"I want to help these students because I know what it means to learn a new language and I know it can be hard," added Jauregui.

This is just one way English learners in Fresno Unified will get extra support this year. They'll also have more time in the classroom, peer mentorship opportunities and notice more resources at their disposal.

"We're trying to be very intentional about our supports in the fall to address our unfinished learning," said FUSD Instructional Superintendent Sandra Toscano.

The district is also partnering with Fresno State, hiring college students with plans to be teachers in the near future.

"To assist us with afterschool tutoring, mentoring and also to help structure our peer mentoring supports," added Toscano.

Plus, an added 30 minutes a day will be dedicated to the area students need the most help with.

"It makes me feel really good when they go, oh I get this, and they say it in the language they're not used to," said fellow mentor Alina Alonzo.

The district is also increasing their Rosetta Stone licenses, to give even more students access to the curriculum. The fall semester will start August 12 with students back in the classroom five days a week.
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