Communication tool in Fresno Unified sends flyers to parents through email

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Staying connected through the digital age and saving on cost and energy.

That's the idea of "Peachjar" an electronic communication tool new to Fresno Unified.

Parents will now get information about events or programs at their child's school online or on their mobile device.

"It is a tool that is very useful because now it is not going to be a piece of paper lost in the backpack of your child weeks after an event happened. You are going to now get it on time," said Vanessa Ramirez, Fresno Unified School District.

The launch of "Peachjar" in Fresno Unified this week follows Central and Clovis Unified who have been using the communication tool for some time.

Ramirez said the district is implementing "Peachjar" at all 108 elementary, middle and high schools.

Fresno Unified has over 74,000 students but they only have 20,000 e-mail addresses of parents.

An e-mail is required if parents want to receive notifications directly.

"They can go to the front of the school and provide that e-mail address so they can be put into that account so they can receive these flyers. Or you can do it yourself, you can log in to your parent portal ATLAS account," said Ramirez.

Once an e-mail address is registered parents will receive a welcome message and will start receiving flyers immediately.

For those who don't have internet access, each school offers computer access.

Flyers posted on "Peachjar" are also available in Spanish and Hmong.

"We know that when a parent gets the message in their own language, they are going to receive it better and they are going to understand it better. So we're doing that effort to put out all those flyers in three languages, when they are available," she said

"Peachjar" is a green initiative that will save schools tons of paper and reduce costs by thousands of dollars.

Each school's homepage on "Peachjar" shows how many sheets of paper and trees have been saved since flyers are no longer printed.
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