Flights restaurant serves 'no touch' takeout with a side of community outreach

LOS GATOS, Calif. -- With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading and a statewide shelter-in-place order in effect, the founder and CEO of the Flights Restaurant Group, Alex Hult, faced dramatic changes. As a result, Flights restaurant in Los Gatos has opened a "no touch, no contact" experience for shoppers looking to pick up essential groceries.

Hult is also keeping his employees working by participating in a community outreach effort. He started #feedtheneedbayarea, a Go Fund Me campaign that provides economic relief to vulnerable citizens in Los Gatos, California. "We use that money to make these warm meals for homeless people," Hult said.

In these uncertain times, Hult has adopted a philosophy that embodies his sense of community. "If everyone does a little, we can all accomplish a lot," he explained, "If we do our part, other people will step up and it's been incredible."