Free eye exams offered in the Central Valley

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The world is coming into focus for dozens of Central Valley residents thanks to a free eye exam clinic. It was all made possible by State Senator Melissa Hurtado in partnership with VSP Global Eyes of Hope.

"I don't have insurance to cover glasses," explained Jessica Clark. "I gorilla glued my last pair of glasses together. They're barely holding on."

After years without glasses or even an eye exam, Jessica wasn't leaving anything to chance this morning.

"I woke up at 4 this morning," she said. "I left at 4:30 to come out because I have a job interview and I really was in desperate need of a pair."

Jessica is one of about a hundred folks taking advantage of the eye exams -- all free of charge.

"Vision is one of the most important things," said Maria Lemus, district director for Senator Melissa Hurtado. "To be able to drive, to be able to work, and for someone that cannot afford it having that free service is just crucial."

It's a service they say is vital to your overall health.

"Many times with an eye exam they could detect other things," Lemus said. "Blood pressure, onset of diabetes, so getting an eye exam is so important. We've had patients that never in their lives have had an eye exam."

For recipients like Jessica, it's more than just a pair of glasses.

"I feel really good, it gives you an extra boost of confidence," she said.
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