Hilmar school bringing books directly to their students with library on wheels

HILMAR, Calif. (KFSN) -- One Hilmar elementary school is bringing books directly to their students with their very own library on wheels.

Students are all lined up for recess but at Elim Elementary it's not to go out to the playground.

They're all waiting to select a book from the "buzz book cart."

Staff started the mobile book cart this year and it has been a hit with the children.

"We come by before school starts kids come by when they're playing and they just come by and grab books," said fourth-grader Kylie Danbom.

"If they need help trying to pronounce the words or looking for it the leadership will help them," said another fourth-grader Gianna Belerique.

"They needed a way to get books out to the kids we have a library but there are books the kids can take and leave them at home if they want to leave them at home," said Elim Elementary principal Lisa Marques.

These students have options to read books from different languages, including English, Spanish and Portuguese.

"I got one Portuguese book because my dad's Portuguese and wanted to try it out," said Belerique.

Elim Elementary also has Spanish and Portuguese dual-language programs.

It is the only Portuguese dual-language program in the state.

"The goal is for them to be literate when they graduate we want them to read speak and write in a second language once they get a second language its easier to get a third language," said Marques.

If you'd like to donate some books, simply drop them off at the Elim Elementary school office.
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