Mural awarded to Jakara Movement Organization for its community work

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Naindeep Singh started the Jakara Movement in 2000.

Now after 22 years, they are being recognized for the positive impact they've had on the community.

"We are extremely just humbled that the work we thought we were quietly doing for over two decades was being paid attention by some. Being recognized by our partners," mentions Naindeep.

The organization centers around youth leadership development for Punjabi Sikh people and on health and education in marginalized communities.

Fresno resident and James Irvine Foundation Board Member, Tim Rios is inspired by Singh's work.

"To have an organization here in the Valley that really helps tens of thousands of individuals in the Sikh community is outstanding." says Rios.

Out of nearly 500 applicants, the organization was one of the six winners.

On top of the award, The Irvine Foundation is also giving the Jakara Movement $250,000 to advance their work.
"Utter shock -- I didn't even know someone had submitted an application for me, so it was only much much later that I found out that somebody had taken the time and it is quite an extensive application process," describes Singh.

The Jakara Movement was also given the opportunity to create a mural of their work.

Instead, Singh chose to show activists in diverse populations.

"We really wanted to showcase the community here in west Fresno. It is one that we are proud about," says Singh.

It took artist Levi Ponce five days to complete the mural.

Celebrations will continue at a community block party on May 22nd.
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