JUUL to suspend flavored e-cigarettes to stop teen use

A popular e-cigarette company is yanking all flavored products from store shelves to combat teen use. From its small size to its exotic flavors, JUUL's futuristic shape made it an instant hit. But its appeal, especially to kids, has raised alarm across the country.

At Fresno City Vapor, where most of the products come with appetizing names, the inventory could soon change.

"Flavor bans and stuff like that, I feel like it's a little harsh," said Adam Morris, an employee.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration believes flavorful marketing by JUUL and other companies have hooked America's youth. Government pressure forced the e-cigarette giant on Tuesday to become the first company to pull select pods from store shelves.

"The e-cigarette industry has taken the playbook that Big Tobacco used when they first started marketing their products," said Lindsey Freitas with the American Lung Association. "They target minorities, they target the low income."

JUUL has also promised to shut down its Facebook and Instagram social media accounts. Freitas and other health advocates don't believe the steps are nearly enough. She says limiting access is just blowing smoke.

"I think that these products should not be coming in these candy flavors. I think that is the number one thing that is enticing youth. 4 out of 5 kids that start using tobacco start with a flavored product."

Some cities across the country have gone as even far as enacting total flavor bans.

Local vape shop employees tell us they feel unfairly targeted.

"Take alcohol sales for example. There are plenty and plenty of fruit-flavored drinks on the shelves that have colorful bright labels that could be appealing, I feel, to children."
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