Local experts call Kavanaugh investigation no-win situation

FRESNO, Calif. -- The FBI investigation has begun into the sexual assault allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. This comes just two days after Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford and Kavanaugh testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

During the committee's vote Friday, Senator Jeff Flake, made a last minute move, leading his majority party to approve a one week delay of the full Senate vote, to allow the investigation.

Saturday, President Trump confirmed, the FBI has already begun looking into those allegations, "The FBI I believe is doing a really great job. They have been all over it already."

The Senate committee says the investigation will be limited to the "current credible allegations." While some feel the investigation is a step in the right direction, others argue there just isn't enough time.

Retired Judge Oliver Wanger served more than 20 years a US district judge. He says it's not just the delay that's concerning. It's the political divide and what he believes is the partisan motivation behind it. He says, "We're in a position that's totally unknown what's going to happen in the next five days. I've never seen anything like this. It's not healthy it's not good for our society,"

He adds, if the Full Senate does not confirm Judge Kavanaugh, and the Democratic party wins the majority during midterm elections, it's unlikely there will be another Supreme Court nominee confirmed during President Trump's term.

Over the next week, the FBI will gather evidence to bring to the full Senate but private investigator Rocky J Pipkin says that's not enough time.

He says, "In this case, there was no evidence no allegation left at the time so it's going to be very difficult."

He says virtually all they'll be able to do is re-contact and interview witnesses and possibly find additional witnesses. Pipkin adds he would want to speak with parents, neighbors, and teachers if given the case, "They hear what the kids are talking about or gossiping about. That would be the type of witness you would want; someone who has a good recollection, who was an adult at the time."

If the senate judiciary committee request is fulfilled, the FBI's supplemental investigation will be complete by next Friday the 5th then go to the full Senate.