Violinist performs at taco trucks to raise money for kids

FRESNO, Calif. -- After the COVID-19 pandemic forced the shut down of concerts in 2020, Patrick Contreras decided to bring the concert to the people.

"What I started doing was porch concerts, they can come out to the front porch, I can go right to the sidewalk or, you know, right in the street, and I give little concerts," the violinist and Fresno native said. "And they've gotten really popular, people will come out with the ice chest, they'll be in the front yard, and it's like a mini-concert for the evening for a family."

His new way of performing has made him a busy man as he and his team travel up and down California to perform as much as possible - but he found time to give back to kids in need, too.

"I'm passionate about that, I'm passionate about getting kids to the arts to help them express themselves," he said. "Music can heal hearts and souls and so that's something I'm really passionate about, bringing music to to kids."

Contreras performed on a "taco truck tour," playing four mini-concerts at taco trucks throughout Fresno with all the proceeds going to help kids who can't afford instruments.

"We're inclusive to the entire community and to all of Fresno but we focus on the youth and community in southwest Fresno," said Marcel Woodruff with Legacy Commons Community Studio. "So we want to give opportunities and resources to people who may not have normally had it and people who may not have had access to pay hundreds of dollars a month to get music lessons."

The goal of the taco truck tour was originally to raise enough money to get ten new guitars for the youth center, but after blowing through their financial goal, they'll be adding even more instruments and helping more kids.

"I wanted to really bring music to kids who couldn't necessarily afford lessons or an instrument. I know how it is, you know, I've been there, and I wanted to bring some good instruments to kids."

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