Local artist paints new Mexican heritage mural in town of London

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- There's a new mural in the small Tulare County town of London that tells the story of the community and what it means to be Mexican-American.

The non-profit Proteus hired local artist AJ Gomez to paint the Mexican heritage mural as part of the London Community Center Beautification and Leadership Project.

The mural features images of farmworkers and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez, as well as the children of farmworker families who graduate from college.

Gomez used spray paint to create the mural.

As the son of Mexican immigrants, he says he felt an extra-special connection to this piece of artwork.

"So it was personal to me as far as kind of telling my own personal story, as well as a lot of our stories as far as immigrating here at some point and working hard to better ourselves," Gomez said.

The mural is located at the London Neighborhood Park on Avenue 378.

That park was just finished earlier this year, and features the town's first and only playground.

To learn more about local artist AJ Gomez:

E-mail: art.by.AJ@outlook.com

Instagram: Gomez_aj88
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