Thieves target tires from specific vehicle models in Madera

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Police say at least six people in Madera woke up Wednesday morning to see the tires missing from their cars. Investigators with Madera Police say on a single day, they received 6 reports of tires stolen overnight within city limits.

"The proximity of these is obviously spread across the city there is not a real pattern," said Detective Blake Short.

What the thefts do have in common is the type of vehicles targeted.

"It seems that they are after more of the premium style wheels for Toyota and Honda vehicles," said Short. "The wheels that you can purchase on your car from the dealership. Not so much that you go to a tire and wheel shop and have added to a car."

On Roberts Ave, one woman says she was shocked to find her Toyota up on a cinder block Wednesday morning.

"I got a text this morning saying, 'Your tires are missing.' I came outside and looked on the street-side. They were missing," she said.

Only two tires were stolen. But to maintain alignment, all four will need to be replaced, which is an estimated $1,500 expense.

"I spoke to my neighbor. Her husband leaves at 4 am. I was up at 6. So between 4 and 6 am, they hit my car," she said.

Less than two miles away at Dellavalle and Cleveland Avenues, the owner of another Toyota sedan suspects his two tires were stolen around the same time frame.

Madera Police say it's critical to report thefts like these because one crime could be part of a widespread trend.

"If we get numerous calls, we can track those. Maybe this house does have surveillance, where this house didn't," said Short.

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